Sunday, June 27, 2010

New site features

An overview of new features on the website:

* Over 200 new books added -- all series are up to date now!

* Powered by WordPress so it is fully searchable and makes use of tags and categories for organization

* The addition of graphics, or a "feature block" on the main page allows us to quickly let you know when there is a new author interview or book contest.

* The Fiction Guide section has been expanded, adding more books to each category, and new categories such as Urban Fiction

* New "You May Also Like..." feature that directly links you to related books that you may be interested in (I get a lot of requests from people who have read a certain book or series and are looking for suggestions, so I suspect this will help many people find new titles to read)

* Fiction series now list all books on one page for easier browsing

* Each book or series has a link to share it on Facebook

* We will be doing a book of the day post through our Twitter feed that will directly link you to a new book or series each day -- discover a new favourite author!

* This blog is new and I plan on blogging about book related news, my thoughts on the books I am reading and more

Saturday, June 26, 2010

New site up this weekend

The new website is being launched this weekend! Keep checking the website for the new look and have a browse around to get a feel for the new layout and features. I have kept the core content of the site (the book lists) as identical as possible to the old site so that it is just as easy to use.

Did you know that The Vampire Library has been online for 12 years now!? I started the site in June of 1998 with a small selection of books and have been building it up over the years. Now we have over 1300 titles listed. With the new setup I plan on updating much more regularly than I have in the past, and we are looking forward to bringing you more interviews, giveaways and content than ever before.